Technical Skills

- Creator of UE4 and Unity assets including props, environment pieces, and characters for video games and other experiences

-Builder of high poly models to bake and low poly game resolution models to make topology and materials for game assets


ZBrush - Creating high poly character and environment assets for video games.

Maya - Creating UV Maps, low poly and hard surface character and environment assets for video games.

Substance Painter/Designer - Creating materials, textures, and baking for character and environment assets.

Marmoset Toolbag - Baking high poly models into low poly game models

Interpret Conceptual Art into 3D Models  - Projects developed throughout graduate work

Virtual Reality - Working with Unreal and Unity engines to develop VR experiences and research test instrument

Adobe Suite - Including Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Lightroom, and Illustrator - Extensive use over several years


UI Art - Creating 2D and 3D assets to use for UI such as Corss-Hairs, Health Bars, and Menu Screens

Tiling/Pixel Sprite Design/2D Animation - Introduced to in classes, personal use for video games, joint projects, and for fun

Figure drawing, character design, color theory, composition, concept art/multi-media, and promotional art - Extensive experience


• Pipeline and Workflow


Teamwork and art lead positions


• Introduced to in FIEA classes - Rigging and skinning, 3D animation, Unreal Blueprints, lighting in Unreal, game analysis and theory, paper prototyping

Other programs and computer languages - Internship, classwork, personal experience in - GameMaker 7, GamerMaker 8, and GameMaker Studio 1.4

• Introduced to 3D printing, Processing, Python using Pygame, C# within Unity